Freeing the giant turd

Rufus has been started bringing home lots of artwork from kinder. Unsurprisingly I can’t bear to not display any of it so of our current 700sq.f living space, approximately 560sq.f is festooned with his adorable lanterns, pictures of postmen, glittery bookmarks etc. (The other 140sq.f? Yeah that’s festooned with mould. But the humidity, and the devastation it is wreaking on my wardrobe, is for another post).

This piece is currently magneted in pride of place on the freezer…

..and has caused me to ponder:

(1) My perception of the concept of free art. I’m pretty sure I’m a philistine, but also pretty sure it shouldn’t involve a square of bordered paper and a big fucking “FREE ART” label across the top.

(2) Whether anyone else’s kid expressed their freedom by rendering, strictly within the square of course, A GIANT TURD. And what this means for his future, in the art, toilet or any other sphere of life.


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