I do love you. More than you’ll ever know.

This may be the first time I’ve ever embedded media into my LJ. Therefore you must all watch it immediately.

“Why Don’t You Love Me” – Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

I should be working right now, transcribing a shipping dispute, but all my “laycans*” are coming out as “lady cans” and “orders of lading*” are coming out as “OK Beyonce, yes, we are both married women now but I’d hit it. And please have your crinkly hair and 2004 Roberto Cavalli shirtdress.”

*Shipping term. Boobs AND nautical instruction.

So, Your Honour, I’ma let you finish, but this Beyonce video is the best video of all time. OF ALL TIME!

You’re welcome.


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