“Be Fast With Your Fingers!”

Today was exciting! I had an interview published in the South China Morning Post, which is the biggest English language paper here. Naturally there’s any number of wide-ranging topics I could have pontificated on for Westerners communing with their mother tongue. In fact I pre-emptively drafted a quick skeleton of my editorial on the Tea Party debacle on the way to the interview. But it turns out they just wanted me to talk about steno, in the careers section. I’ll never say no to talking about steno! (My attempts to drop little nuggets of opinion on weighty world issues as extempore asides during the steno chat were not received gracefully, or at all. Apparently they have enough writers there who are also “experts” in “issues”).

This is the most unlikely thing to happen to me since we moved here (I mean the interview, not that no-one listened to me – that happens surprisingly frequently). Except for the time I met Donatella Versace.

You can’t see in this tiny scan, but I had a hole in my stockings that day, on my left knee. They embarrass me at work with a studio’s worth of pro-spec cameras and portable flashes, but they can’t PhotoShop out my trash-tights? DAMN.


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  1. cinova says:

    Kudos to you for attempting to get all political, it’s vital to seize those fleeting moments of fame and have our voices heard! Better luck next time. I think ‘holy tights’ might be the next fashion sensation in HK!

  2. jadeluxe says:

    Sadly I didn’t actually make any attempt to get political, mainly because the interviewer was from France, and I’m from Australia, and we are both newcomers to Hong Kong…that’s enough cultural barriers to get around without including any other stuff!

    –And if I had any say in the matter, NO TIGHTS would be the next fashion sensation in Hong Kong. It’s tropical here! Let our legs go unmolested by nylon!

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