The Loud and the Stinky

Dad and Rufus at Man Yee Square this morning.


But it’s not all zany dinking on Goong Goong’s bike around here at the moment. Back home, the house in front of us is being completely gutted. This involves a work crew arriving at 7am every day and using 182 jackhammers until 5pm.


But apparently that’s not the only thing being gutted around here. A violent secondary sensory assault has been unleashed. Oh, what’s this – more fish being salted?!




It’s like that thing you ponder sometimes, if you had to choose whether to be blind or deaf, what would you choose? (For the record, I would choose blind. I would rather just have the memory of what people/things looked like than never be able to hear Xzibit again. Or work.) But in this case, I would be hard-pressed to choose between ear plugs or nose clips. They’re not mutually exclusive I suppose.

(EDIT: No, they’re not! I don’t have to choose! I want this for Christmas.)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wanderlust says:

    Oh blech. I can smell it all the way in Kansas!

    1. jadeluxe says:

      I don’t doubt it…

  2. Toni says:


    I’m not fond of FRESH fish, can’t imagine what that smells like….

    PS I LOVE looking at your photos, so different from life here.

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