Beautiful decorations at Tin Hau Temple, Sai Kung waterfront.

I want to write a new year’s resolutions type post but it seems awkward because I haven’t blogged about Christmas yet, which I will have to at some point, and then it will be blunderingly sequenced and bug me all through 2011. And my last post of next year will be like “No wonder I didn’t achieve any of my resolutions, I can’t even operate a calendar properly.” So, here is my hasty wrap-up of our Christmas.


SANTA CAME! I was so excited, I had all the presents out 10 minutes after the kids went to bed. Rufus was massively into Santa this year. Santa had appeared at his kinder break-up last week and given them all a present, and on Christmas Eve when I asked Rufus what he thought Santa might bring him he said that he’d already got a present off Santa at kinder, and he would like to make Santa a present now. WHAT! So he did. And a card. He also asked me to text Santa and remind him how to spell his and Zadie’s names, and that we live on top of a hill.

My attempt at authentically munching the carrot like a reindeer. I wish I’d thought to buy fresher carrots, chomping down on those unpeeled week-old ones was pretty unappealing.

The fruitcake didn’t present any challenges.

Lovely box of surprises from Siobhan.

I had thought the kids would get less presents than ever (a good thing) since we were entirely alone this year, but over the past couple of months we’ve been receiving packages from grandparents and friends and hiding them away in the wardrobe. When we unearthed them all on Christmas Eve, the stash was massive. We held some over to avoid over-excitement. Also we were pretty reserved Father Christmases (though we did have an amazingly fun time at Shatin Toys’r’Us pushing a trolley round the store picking out puzzles and stuff). And the kids were still throwing food around and making feral animal noises by 11am Christmas Day.

MaryJane gave Zadie lots of pairs of Hello Kitty jox. Zadie wore them all at the same time and loved herself sick.

She bought Rufus this Spiderman outfit. He was wearing it yesterday. We were getting into a taxi and I attempted to put his seat belt on. He said, “Mama, I don’t need to wear a seat belt. I’m Spiderman, I’ll just web myself in.” WHAT!!

Christmas maniacs.

Christmas chocolate cake. They love a cake here. When I bought it, the shop lady asked me whether it was for Christmas or a birthday so she’d know what box to put it in. Christmas isn’t a big deal here (they’re all about Winter Solstice at the moment) but I think SANTA CLAUS and a CHRISTMAS TREE are pretty universal symbols of NOT A BIRTHDAY. Hong Kong, you kill me sometimes.




We literally saw not a soul except each other on Christmas Day. THAT IS THE DREAM πŸ™‚

Also, on our Christmas cards, I got to write:
# We four Kings of the Orient are
# Wishing you a Merry Christmas (etc)

Using that line was also a dream.


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  1. Rhiannon says:

    Ha, love your Christmas card greeting!! (My cards are still not posted..)

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