An early point to Sloth Mother

To add to my previous post about Amy Chua’s article on Chinese parents:

There was no acknowledgment of quantifying any other sort of “success”, i.e. social or maturation. It seems pretty obvious from an outsider’s point of view that the Chinese people raised by Tiger Mothers largely lack what we call “a childhood” in their childhood years, and make up for it later on.

Hello Kitty is the poster child for this thesis I’m putting forward. “She”(?) is absolutely ubiquitous here but it’s not the kids who carry Hello Kitty purses and wear her novelty attire non-ironically to legitimate functions. They’re too busy studying for 20 hours a day. People aged 20-40 most commonly exhibit these childish regressions. The desks of colleagues are drowning in Hello Kitty (or any “cutesy”) paraphernalia. Any purchase made at most shops entitles you to a cute sticker. Collect enough and you get the “cute” soft toy of the week. The adults are mental for this stuff.

It probably also explains why they dress up their dogs in clothes and parade them around town in prams as if they were dolls.

Recently our kids have been to see the Walking with Dinosaurs show, and a kids’ pantomime. At both, the audience – without exaggeration – was about 75% adults without children. This is apparently common at Hong Kong Disneyland too.

Also, adult couples act like hormonal teenagers in public. I’m yet to see a “mature” PDA. It’s all girlish giggling, blushing, baby voices, and mock-indignant poking. From 35-year-old spouses.

Things like this are very disturbing and I wonder if Amy Chua, who lives in America, and others like her give any credence whatsoever to age-appropriate social integration. I have to think not.

Here is my final salvo in this opening round of Tiger Mother v Sloth Mother. This is what one guy has to put up with from his Tiger Mother-raised wife.


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  1. Astrid says:

    Ha – I have often wondered by they were so obsessed with the likes of Hello Kitty! Love your reasoning behind it.

    On a more serious note, you might find this article of interest:

  2. jadeluxe says:

    I’m pretty sure it must be the real reason…

    That article is appalling. I could never be a parent like that (maybe this will be telling when we see how “successful” or otherwise my kids turn out 😉

  3. jadeluxe says:

    BTW thanks for the Hello Kitty link!

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