World child

I looked quite Aboriginal as a baby. In fact a nurse asked my mum where the real dad was, soon after my birth. (I’ve also been spoken to on the street in Greek, and told I look Indian, Italian, Turkish and, just last week in court, Scandinavian. But I think that guy probably lacks in understanding of general Scandinavian ethnic traits, like UNDILUTED BLONDNESS.)

But there’s obviously an Aboriginal gene lurking around somewhere because look at Zadie:


(I mean I’m not suggesting my dad isn’t my dad. I look more like him than I look any sort of indigenous. I’m just saying. Somewhere. Look at that face!)


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  1. Kim says:

    It’s hard to see past the gorgeousness to see any aboriginalness (-ity?).

    The lovely people of HK (friends and strangers) have no problem telling me my parents aren’t my parents because I look mixed. “Are you sure your dad is your biological one?”. Please, my dad is MY DAD and my biological one at that (me and my siblings look like him), and my mum is MY MUM, although I don’t have proof that that’s true because I have no photos of her during pregnancy with me and she could always have told my siblings just to tell me she’s my mum.

    Oh-oh, time to go and cry.

  2. jadeluxe says:

    She is a well gorgeous child, no doubt 🙂

    Let’s face it, the people of HK just have it in for you.

    I BELIEVE your mum and dad are your mum and dad. If that helps.

  3. jules says:

    I was always asked if I was half chinese when I was at school. Apparently I am throw back to our chinese ancestors that came out in the gold rush. I also got scandnavian. I also got told I looked nothing like either of my parents or my siblings, and that I was adopted.

    Jade, your previous post on the dad jokes made me laugh alot! xx

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