Civic masterplanning

We took a walk into Sai Kung the other night.

(Incidentally I have took a photo about a year ago of Joel and Rufus holding hands while walking into town, and Joel was wearing the same outfit, which makes the whole situation even cuter):

When we arrived in the town square, we saw what struck me as the most inspired piece of town planning in history – CAGES TO LOCK YOUR KIDS IN! I honestly can’t think of any other reason for them.

Git in.

Ru despairs…

..but ultimately breaks free (though in long enough to get quite a few errands done kid-free):

I’m posting this in case you all want to send representatives from your city to liaise with the prescient geniuses at the Sai Kung Council and get ideas on how to make parents spend all their cashmoney in local coffee shops that have cages situated out the front of them, with utmost convenience.



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