Where I’m accused of writing unnecessarily long sentences, and respond with an unexpectedly dignified acceptance of the charge.

I’d write a lot more in my own blog if I didn’t have so many other good ones to read.   Probably.

Two of my absolute favourites, if you’re looking for suggestions, are these:

Today is my birthday

Steam Me Up, Kid…

These two ladies are so funny, if you’ve had kids you probably shouldn’t read them without the protection of an adult sanitary napkin.  Even if you’re a guy.  You just can’t be too careful when it comes to urinary incontinence, what.  Not that I’ve been caught short in that area, of course – it’s not like I naturally delivered two babies each weighing more than 10 pounds in the space of two years or anything, and in fact I don’t even find things like this or this that funny*) – but I could imagine it happening to someone else.  Someone who isn’t as vigilant at kegels as me.   Kegels are pretty nice with sour cream and salmon, right?  Unbeatable with a pineapple juice for brunch.

I’ve found a lot of good blogs on this site, Hong Kong Blogs Review.  I wish Australia had a site like this; I haven’t been able to find one yet in my eight years of blogging.  Hong Kong Blogs Review designs components for solar-heating panels.  Alright, they review blogs.  From Hong Kong.  And they’ve reviewed Jadeluxe!  I’m stoked to be recommended by them, and I’ll take their criticisms because they’re undoubtedly true.  Here’s the review:

          ” The expat blogger, Jade King, lives in Hong Kong with her husband, two young children and one live-in housemaid. Mrs. King writes the way a person would speak — she converses in colloquial Australian English chirpily.

          The blogger’s sentences tend to be long. Australian idioms and terms appear frequently in her writing. She rambles merrily through her posts on this HK blog, JADELUXE. Nothing extraordinary about that, after all, Mrs. King is an Australian expat writing a personal blog, not producing serious literature or anything formal.

          With the blogger’s freewheeling writing style, this blog is not a place for a HK Chinese native to learn about succinct writing or English composition. But for someone outside of Hong Kong, who is interested in finding out what living in Hong Kong is like, this blog is a treasure trove of first-hand information on expat living.

          Mrs. King is a free spirit; she is gregariously sociable and outrageously funny. JADELUXE informs and entertains you; the blogger is insightful. Despite the dense prose and all those needlessly long, stringy sentences, the stories and information offered in this blog are illuminating and delightfully fun to read.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends Jade King’s HK blog, JADELUXE, to the general blog-reading audience, especially to the would-be expats.

          Read this blog and learn the ups and downs of being an expat raising a family in a land that’s vastly different from your own. “

Ignore the bit about “gregariously sociable”.  I don’t think there’s any evidence anywhere on the blog that I am even remotely sociable, let alone gregariously.  If you need further proof, when I read the review for the first time, it was last Saturday night and I had to interrupt the racy game of Uno my husband and I were playing on the couch while periodically checking our separate laptops.  Uno is not even a euphemism, though now that I think about it there’s wide scope for some blue allusions with all the “Draw Two”, “Red” that was going on.

My dad took umbrage at the “too-long sentences” charge (even though that’s self-evidently truer than any other remark in the whole thing).  Here was his response in an email to me:

“Well deserved you little colloquial Australian conversational style blog writer whose sentences tend to be too long which I think may be a family trait, though personally I think it is more a reflection of the ever decreasing attention span of the modern reader, a trend that, were we to continue to accommodate it, would reduce our writing to a series of main clauses punctuated by fullstops and would consign embedded clauses, conditionals, relative pronouns and their ilk, much beloved of literature buffs of yore and used routinely by hacks such as W. Shakespeare for the average audience in allegedly simpler times when apparently it wasn’t demanding too much to ask of the reader to hold in his or her head the relevant main point while attending to a string of subordinate modifying and developing clauses and phrases, to the dustbin of literary history.”

The shortest and most apt sentence I can come up with in response is:  “My dad FTW”.

I’ve got lots of other good blog recommendations I can make if you guys are interested.  Anyone?  I got steno blogs, I got blogs about royalty, I got funny blogs, HK blogs, UK blogs, Aussie blogs, craft blogs…

Anyone got any for me?




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  1. Nice blog work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the Next Blog button on the blue Nav Bar located at the top of my blogger.com site. I frequently just travel around looking for other blogs which exist on the Internet, and the various, creative ways in which people express themselves. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jadeluxe says:

    Thanks for your nice comment, Reggie! I love it when people take the time to let me know where they’ve come from. I’m quite crap at it myself. Must do better.

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