A telegram.


Life extremely mental.  Working on most intense case since I’ve been here.  Abt neurology.  Think own brain will explode shortly fr being used well beyond capacity.  No time to blog but have much to say.  Including abt helper situation.  Went to Philippines for work.  Gained new perspective.  Also pretty sweet souvenir “jeepneys” for kids.  Expect to post again nxt week.  In meantime have some old favourites to post.  It’s like guestposting but not.  Apologies and regards to all.  Stop.


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  1. Diana V says:

    Keep your head up 😉

    You’re about to get a few more visitors from the http://www.Depoman.com family who has found you and will likely never, ever let you go!


    cacsr10795 (@ depoman)
    Mdm_Rptr (@ Twitter)

  2. Jade says:

    Hey Diana…
    Thanks for the comment and the encouragement! The case finished today and unfortunately for me, closing submissions aren’t until October, by which time I will surely have forgotten all the neurological terms I finally had under control… 😉 Got some good feedback about the LiveNote feed though which made the weeks and weeks of prep worth it.
    I know your tag…maybe I’ve seen you around some other forums or sites before (LiveJournal? Cheap’n’Sleazy?) Anyway, nice to “meet” you!

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