Soft return

It’s been a while.  If you’ve been around for a bit you’ll know at times like these I usually ease my way back in with a couple of rubbish posts – some photos of my kids watching TV, or a couple of semi-racist vignettes from the village.  Tonight I cross a new threshold of apathy and plagiarism, not to mention low-quality photography, with this series of phone photos of signs I’ve seen around.  I call it Chinglish – In Fact, It’s A Ridiculous! 

I’ve been waging an intense mental battle with myself since becoming a totally integrated (using “totally integrated” in the sense of “wearing pyjamas to the supermarket like a local because CONVENIENCE!”) resident of Hong Kong, as opposed to a mere tourist, to not post Chinglish photos every day.  But..fuckit.  Think how many hours of post-writing this could save me in future.

Entrance With Promise – Wanchai District Court

The only place in the world where such a sign is necessary?

Observe the handmade sign in the rear window.
A universal sentiment.

And now a couple of appalling ads plastered widely around MTR stations
at the moment.

Ads here don’t appear to be regulated in any way by either law or reality.
Here is superskinny lady who appears to have recently had not one
but three babies!

Note: I can’t read it, it could be for bust enhancement rather than weight loss.
Either way it’s hilarious. Also cheap – that’s like AU$100 or something. Tempting…

Remember, in Hong Kong, no smoking, no trespassing,
and no…money laundering?

I mean, obviously.
But is it really so common as to warrant posters in public corridors?

To finish off, the “Preserved Meat Sausage”.
Or as I prefer to call it, the “Shriveled Pustulent Wang”.

Don’t unsubscribe yet, I’m probably going to write some real posts soon.  If that lady above can manage to wrangle three kids under six months (and her “arse” into those shorts), then you’d think I could find some time to put a few paragraphs together.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. cinova says:

    That last line is SO true! And I can relate to this, hence my recent foray into the Weekly Photo Challenge! Love the Chinglish, especially the hand written sign in the car window and the ‘entrance with promise’.

  2. xenchik says:

    Love your blog!!! But wanted to point out, the lady in the poster with the three babies is actually a HK comedian, according to my Aussie-HK fiancee, and so we think (neither of us able to read Chinese) that it’s a poster for a show she’s doing. Tickets $110AUD approx. No intention whatsoever of seeing it since we think she just looks kind of demented.

    However the ads on the MTR for Bust-Medicare are pretty hilarious – now that *is* for breast enhancement!

    1. jadeluxe says:

      REALLY?!? The funny thing is, her poster looks so much like a real ad! Maybe some weight-loss place is using her as a figurehead! Haha. I’m going to have to accost a local next time I see it and ask them to translate.
      I know, Bust “Medicare” – can’t believe it 🙂

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