Reporting from the beautiful city of Shanghai, but unfortunately more specifically a 2-star dive in downtown Pudong.  Received a late booking last week for a job involving 700 high-ranking Chinese CEOs, and some of the world’s best-known ex-politicians.  Needless to say, there wasn’t much spare accommodation in Pudong this weekend.

The job is a conference on world economics, and the speakers include Bill Clinton, John Howard, Rudy Giuliani, Bertie Ahern, and a number of Chinese tycoons whose names I can’t remember.  I will be sitting 2 metres from the podium to take down the speeches.  I am excited – it seems like I’ll be close enough to spit on John Howard.  Not that I’d spit on him of course, that’s just to demonstrate the layout of the room.

Time is short now, we have to get rolling to the conference centre, but:

-Joel is here as my tech – wife win!
-I can’t log into my Facebook here – Party fail!
-The pillows in our hotel are like giant beanbags – impending chiropody appointment!
-Ate HK$600 worth of black truffle dumplings last night – digestion unease!
-We flew here on China Eastern, an airline so similar to the old Kendall one that used to fly between Melbourne and Tasmania, it would have been nostalgic.  If we weren’t melting from the lack of aircon, and panicking about the tiny 16-row size of the plane, and weeping with laughter when a couple of tiny screens popped down from the roof to play a movie.

I’m excited, you guys.  It’ll probably end up being one of the most boring days of my life in reality.  Maybe the feeling is light-headedness from over-production of bile to digest all those fucking dumplings.

More later.

(See Part II)


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