Lingy Approaches

Summer is coming.  Everything is going mouldy in response to the humidity increasing, and the air buzzes with the sound of a village-worth of dehumidifiers slowly cranking up for the next eight months’ work.  Some nights you could step outside with a bowl of chopped vegetables, stand around for 30 seconds while they steam, and that’s your dinner done son.  Despite the rank mugginess, it’s not uncomfortably hot yet; we’re a few months away from these beautiful days where constantly I look like Cameron Ling in a sauna.  But, after raining almost non-stop-tropically for the past five weeks, we were so ready for the glorious days we got this weekend.  Cracking out shorts like bosses.

Saturday night at 清水灣 (Clearwater Bay).

Subconscious Hong Kong photo hand!

Legitimately losing the 40-yard dash to a 3-year-old.

And now, after thousands of failed attempts, the most successful family photo we’ve ever taken!

Everyone was smiling, can you believe it?



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  1. Lovely photos. Your kids are so tall all of a sudden!

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