Year in Career: 2016

Pictures and numbers.  Not things we usually have to worry too much about as stenographers.  In fact most of us got into the game precisely because we are rubbish at numbers, and we would be rubbish at pictures too if Instagram wasn’t there chivvying us along, ADMIT IT.


Not enough HDR.

2016 was, propitiously, the 16th year of my career.  It’s a wonderful thing to have started in the year 2000 for the singular reason of removing any mathematical doubt about that fact.

I am 36 years old.  I know that for sure because I was born in 1980, without which fortuitous circumstance I would never know how old I am.  See above again re numberical rubbishery.

It’s my seventh year living in Asia, and my fifth year writing this post.

This year, I did 19 overseas trips to 11 different countries.
I travelled 27,638 miles on these trips, or 44,497 kilometres.
If the year contains 260 work days, which apparently it does, that’s an average of 105 miles or 170 kilometres per work day; and that’s not factoring in the miles I did in my own current home city, Hong Kong.  And I live far from town.  No wonder I’m 76.2% tired.

I really tried, this year, to take better pictures.  Crop out errant thumbs, straighten them up, use filters, stand still etc.  I took approximately 1,376,494, from which the below are my favourite representations of this career which still gives me complete stenographic satisfaction.  And you can’t really put a number on that*.

*On second thoughts, you can.  100.

You can click through the pictures for individual descriptions if you’re interested.

Wishing all my colleagues an unquantifiably restful break, and an unprecedentedly happy and successful MMXVII! ❤

PS Rounded out the year with a 12,427 mile/20,000 kilometre roadtrip as deep into the Australian desert as we could go.  To places where no-one’s ever heard of a steno machine and justice is primarily meted out by the 110F/43C sun, not the law.  That’s important too.  Do that sometimes.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. stenoodie says:

    So, so amazing, Jade!!! Loved every single one of these photos and the captions. You just keep inspiring me. Happy new year and the best of the best wishes to you and your beautiful family! 🙂 ❤

    1. jadeluxe says:

      Ah Karen, you know you’re a blogger when you leave your comment on the post rather than on a Facebook post 😉 Thank you for such a lovely one. I can’t believe we saw each other in both our “home” cities this year too! How fun. Hope to see you soon! Happy new year xx

      1. stenoodie says:

        Haha, no problem Jade! I will always love blogging… I think, haha. 😉 I know! It was so wonderful to see you twice this year and each time on our home turfs! Home to see you again this year. 🙂 xx

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