I’m a stenographer.

*not actually me

I’m from here.

*not actually here

For the past six years, with my husband and kids, I’ve lived here.

*as above

In my spare time I like to flit around between too many interests, achieving little in any of them.  My main one, currently, is my ill-advised but dogged pursuit of Cantonese fluency.  I also like swimming, hip hop, European royal families, jewels, history, writing, and reading lots of stuff, especially hilarious obscure Aussie suburban narratives.


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  1. lynne says:

    Jade i love reading your posts they are amazing and yes you are one very luck lady you have it all !!!! keep enjoying and i will keep reading

  2. Wow, you certainly do sound like you are living an amazing life, well done and enjoy every minute! I’ll enjoy reading about your adventures from here in x

  3. jadeluxe says:

    Thanks Donna…stoked to find NappyDaze! x

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  5. Kim says:

    Hi Jade,
    So glad I found this blog, and I’m really enjoying reading about it. You seem to have a very positive spirit and it’s fun learning about a different part of the world. I’m also an expat mom living in Western Kenya, so a different set of adventures to write about. I’ll be sure to keep reading you!

  6. jadeluxe says:

    Kim, hi! I’m so glad you found this blog too, because now I can read yours too! You have the best tagline of all time. Expat blog mates forev! 😉

  7. expatlingo says:

    Know you’re already well-loved by many, but I’ve just tagged you in my list of funny expat women blogs (or what I re-christened the “Versatile Blogger Award”). No pressure to “pass it on,” just wanted to let you know you’re blog is a hoot. (my post is here http://wp.me/p2ctSb-qO)

    Now…if you have a solution to the hideous sandfly problem endemic in my corner of the New Territories, I’d pay good money for it…

  8. jadeluxe says:

    That is so sweet! I’m fully chuffed – thank you! 🙂
    Also, I am FULLY BITTEN by the bastard sandflies!!! Arghghghghg! Which particular corner of the NT are you in? We’re just outside Sai Kung and unfortunately our village has a creek running through it. I don’t think that helps with the bug problem.

  9. amazing “about” page, love your writing!

    1. jadeluxe says:

      Nasrine, what a pleasure to come across your writing at Wassla Weekly! I am fully engrossed! With all sincerity, I really look forward to following along in future.

  10. You are most interesting jadeluxe…. i love your love story. 🙂

  11. rydayiminlove says:

    Awesome blog dear Jade! Keep blogging! I cant stop smiling and laughing about your stenography!

    1. jadeluxe says:

      Hi, rydayiminlove? Do I know you in real life? I loved your comments about your Ate. I’m just racking my brain to figure out if I know you!

  12. Debbie Anshan says:

    You are absolutely amazing and a wonderful inspiration in the world of court reporting. I look forward to meeting you one day!

    1. jadeluxe says:

      Hi Debbie, thank you for your lovely comment! Very kind of you. Whereabouts are you from?

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