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  1. Op Shop Mum says:

    Just found your site through Aussie Mummy Bloggers. Your About Me section was intriguing. I also have two children born in October 2006 and January 2009 and I also have a hubby who can fix absolutely anything and everything! I’ve never met a stenographer before, let alone one who lives in Hong Kong. I look forward to following your adventures.

  2. jadeluxe says:

    Hello Op Shop Mum!
    Thanks for introducing yourself. It’s nice to hear something in the wide whistling corridors of Jadeluxe 🙂

    I’m from Brunswick in Melbourne – looking forward to reminiscing about Sydney Road op shops on your blog…

  3. Rose Halendy says:

    Hi Jade,
    Heard about your blog through Helen C.
    My, my, you have a wonderful family. I worked with you in HG last year on an arb. You were wonderful to work with when my equipment kept crashing…. remember now?
    Hum, that is bad stuff re the foreign help/housekeepers. We had an incident in the last week here in West Vancouver where the police investigaed an incident of foreign domestic abuse in a very high-end area. It was on the TV news for all to hear and they said the owner was overseas presently and that when they returned they were going to be arrested/and or detained for questioning. I thought that’s silly to publisize that and give them a heads-up but then on reflection thought they were probably doing this to warn others who live here who do the same thing (I’m sure there’s lots more) .
    Anyway, keep well and one of these days we’ll hook up again.

    Cheers, Rose, the Canadian

  4. jadeluxe says:

    Hello Rose the Canadian 🙂
    I will never forget our experience together in the arbitration – I think that room was cursed.
    You have a lot of Filipina helpers there, right? I know it’s the holy grail for a lot of helpers here to get to Canada. So they’re always hoping to hook up with a Canadian expat here and then move back with them and keep their employment!
    Hope to see you again sometime – loved working with you!

  5. Lisa Barrett says:

    Hi Jade: I’ve been engrossed in your blogs (work avoidance) ever since Helen C. emailed me about voting for you yesterday. The lighting fixture story today is hilarious. You have such a gift for writing. Perhaps you should think about a book. What an amazing grasp of the English language you have and such a great, witty, somewhat sarcastic (enjoyably so) sense of humour you have. I wish we had spent more time together whilst I was in S’pore. I can relate to so many of your stories, wholeheartedly. Such a pleasure to read. Thanks!

  6. jadeluxe says:

    Hi Lisa. Glad to provide you with some procrastination fodder! 😉
    Thank you, so much, for your lovely words. I do often think about writing a book but of course most people in the world think about writing a book! One day I might get lucky.
    Are you going to come back to Asia, or Singapore’s long hours did you in? (I know they do me in when I go there!!)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jade,

    I recently found your blog and I enjoy it very much. I am a Canadian steno student wondering where this new career choice might take me one day.

    I hope you don’t mind, but the perceived anonymity of the web gives me the chance to ask some rather ignorant question. How is it that you are steno-ing in English in a non-English speaking country? In one of your articles you mentioned a high demand for steno in China, is that true of other Asian countries as well?

    If you choose not to entertain my ignorance I understand, but I hope you will enlighten me. Your stories are an inspiration that keeps me going through Speedbuilding.


  8. jadeluxe says:

    Hi Anonymous.
    95% of the population here are local Chinese and speak Cantonese. However, as you probably know, Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997. Some of the official processes, including some of the courts, are still conducted in English. The jurisdictions I work in are entirely in English, because lots of the judiciary and counsel are British. However, interpretation is often required because necessarily lots of the witnesses/parties/lawyers don’t speak English.
    The diverse accents are a big challenge here too!
    I believe there is a high demand for steno in other Asian countries. My company covers court reporting, depositions and arbitrations in Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, even India, as well as Hong Kong.
    Good luck with your speedbuilding! 🙂

  9. Sandy Tremel says:

    Hi! I found out about your blog by a fellow court reporter that I work with. We are hooked on your blog and check in on what’s happening with your life everyday! We are court reporters in fed court in Orlando, FL. I’m particularly interested in your life in Hong Kong. A dream of mine and my husband’s is to live/work there sometime. Our girls are adopted -one from Korea and one from Jiangxi, China. It would be a real adventure to live there with Asian girls!! Many years ago when I was working freelance doing deposions, I was assigned to depositions in Singapore. It was about a sinking of a derrick barge in the South China Sea!
    Your writing is interesting and funny. I start my work day each day by checking in on your blog! Keep the stories coming!!!

  10. jadeluxe says:

    Hi Sandy! What a nice comment. Thanks heaps for posting it – I love to know who’s reading and where they’re from!
    I hope you get to work here sometime! It’s a fantastic life and I don’t ever regret making the decision to move. Please let me know if you get closer to your dream and need any advice 🙂
    Now that you’ve said you check each day, the pressure’s on to write more posts…unfortunately I tend to be about a once-a-week kinda blogger at the moment, between kids and work, but maybe I’ll try to up the ante.
    Anyway, thanks again, and nice to “meet” you…

  11. Christine says:

    Hi Jade,

    I just wanted to say hello and let you know how much I love your blog. (I’m one of your “fans” on Facebook, and I thought you might want to know who some of those strangers are!) I’m an American steno student aiming to become a captioner or CART provider, and I spend half my time in California and the other half in South Korea. I was initially excited to see your blog because I identified with the not-especially-common steno/expat in Asia combo, but what I like most is your hilarious and intelligent writing. I mean, I never thought I could find monarchical history so entertaining.

    Anyway, since I’m still in school and don’t have kids yet, you’re kind of who I want to be when I grow up, even though we’re probably about the same age (lame me). I really appreciate all the steno tips and stories, and they often provide different perspectives than what I get at school, so thanks! 🙂

  12. jadeluxe says:

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks so much for the comment! Yes, I do love to know who the strangers are! 🙂
    Why do you spend half your time in California and half in SK? Interesting! I love SK. Have been there four times for work so far. Actually heading there again this Thursday – are you there at the moment?? This will be my first time there in freezing conditions. A little nervous…
    Oh please, you aren’t lame at all, being still in school and not having kids – learning steno, and meeting my love/having kids, were both things that randomly fell into my lap. You never know what’s around the corner!
    Anyway, thanks again for the comment. I wish you all the best for your schooling. Let me know if you ever see that I’m in SK and you’re there too 🙂

  13. Christine says:

    Hi Jade,

    I was teaching English in SK when I first heard about court reporting. I wanted to take some classes in person (especially Theory) so I came home, but my boyfriend still lives and teaches there. So I go back and forth between online and on-campus classes, and it has worked out pretty well.

    Unfortunately, I’m not there at the moment. I’m with you about not loving the cold, so that’s when I usually come back to California. What kind of jobs take you to SK? Have you ever been to Jeju Island? That’s where I live when I’m there.

    Too bad we missed each other this time, but have a good trip!

    1. jadeluxe says:

      As it turns out my job cancelled! Wasn’t too disappointed not to have to carry 25kg of client LiveNote laptops there, to be honest 😉
      We usually do depositions or arbitrations in Korea. There’s an international arbitration centre there. Never been to Jeju Island! Hopefully one day!

  14. Greta says:

    Hi Jade, I’m a court reporting student living in Boulder, CO. I’m at 200 WPM right now… seven tests left before I can graduate! I am hoping to move to NYC as soon as possible. I read on your “about” page that you live/lived in Hong Kong. How does that work with your job? What kind of clients do you work with? Your life sounds so interesting! I love to travel and would love to do that if my job allowed me.

    1. jadeluxe says:

      Hello Greta,
      Nice to “meet” you! Thanks for the comment. Wow, you’re so close to graduation – good luck! How exciting!
      Yes, I live in Hong Kong. Although the lingua franca is Cantonese, being a former British colony, the legal fraternity still largely operates in English. I do realtime in the High Court and the International Arbitration Centre here, both of which are conducted in English. Albeit with extremely difficult accents at times 😉 I am also learning Cantonese, with far greater difficulty than I encountered when learning steno, gotta say!
      Hong Kong’s very central so we travel a lot from here for work too – Singapore, Korea, Philippines, India, Japan, Taiwan etc…
      You’ll definitely be able to find a “travelling” job if you want one…and I highly recommend it 🙂

  15. Sara B says:

    Jade, you are my hero. As a student aspiring to become a Court Reporter, your blog is so encouraging. The possibilities are endless. The journey is long and hard but thanks for reminding me how wonderful the payoff can be.

    1. jadeluxe says:

      Hi Sara,
      Really happy to hear from you! The possibilities ARE endless and it is SO worth it! Please let me know if you have any questions or anything. You can do it!

  16. Ann M says:

    Aloha, Jade,
    I’ve been interested in working in Asia and have always been interested in HK. I’ve googled agencies but would love to know who is the best to call to live and work in HK. I’m a reporter for 23 years, mostly in Honolulu. You’re my hero! Ann

  17. Ros says:

    Hello Jade

    I’m a mum living in Adelaide who’s thinking of studying stenography as a way to get back into the workforce. I’ve found a distance ed. CR course, but I also found your article on Cheap and Sleazy where you explained how you taught yourself steno. Could you give me any advice about how to go about choosing a steno theory, machine and course from Australia?


  18. Debbie Anshan says:

    I am a real-time reporter and a CART-provider. I would love some information on how to secure jobs in Europe.

  19. Shanan clark says:

    Trolling around the net looking for information to help me to decide whether to finally ditch my beloved Stentura 8000 for a Diamonte when I found your blog. I have worked 35 years, the last 20 part-time with this loyal companion, and I have been torn between not having the best technology for my clients, and yet feeling very satisfied with what my 8000 does. The main problem I am concerned about is that it takes floppy disks, and I also wonder just how long a lifespan it has before it up and dies. Otherwise, I love writing on it, and it has never let me down.
    So I have a couple questions for you. Have you converted yours to a usb port or are you still using disks? Secondly, I know this will sound horrifying, but I have not serviced mine in the 20 years I’ve had it. So many of my colleagues were sending theirs away, and having them come back with shading or overlapping problems that I decided I wouldnt send mine in until it needed it, and it never has. I read your comments about the machine oil, and thought that probably would be a good idea, so was wondering what product you use, and where you apply it.
    Enjoyed your blog. Sounds like you’re having fun!

    1. jadeluxe says:

      Hi Shanan, I guess the posts where you saw this were a long way back – I’ve been using a Wave and a Diamante for years now and am just as happy with the reliability! Definitely give it a go.

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