I’m a stenographer, currently living in Hong Kong and working across Asia, covering realtime court hearings, arbitrations, depositions, and stadium captioning.  I was previously a court reporter in Australia, and also a CART reporter and captioner.

I run a Facebook group called Stenoquery, which is about things like international assignments, teaching yourself steno, Phoenix Theory tips and tricks, and lots of terrible job photos.  If you’re a writer or a steno student, please request to join (it’s a “secret” group, so you won’t find it by searching) – you’re very welcome!

One day I hope to be the world’s first Cantonese-English realtime stenographer!  DREAM BIG!

I write a lot here about steno.  If you’ve come here looking for that stuff and don’t want to wade through hundreds of posts about Hong Kong village life and bad photos of my kids, please bypass the effluvia by searching for the “steno” tag.

Some steno posts:

Year in Career: 2017 – India, Spain, Oman, Guam, and the usual countries throughout Asia, time and time and time and time again… Microsoft and Google and Cartier events… Oh and the worst thing to ever happen in my 17-year career – when a nest of bees fell on my head while writing.
Year in Career: 2016 – 44,497 kilometres on 19 overseas trips; 76% fatigue; 100% satisfaction
Year in Career: 2015 – international arbitrator summits, lots of big-screen captioning, climbing the Great Wall, and a birthday in the air over Tokyo.
Year in Career: 2014 – four overseas trips, the Asian Film Awards, a global ministerial summit, a few arbitrations, ONE deposition (yesssss – hate deps!) – oh and a 133-day realtime/daily trial in the High Court.
Year in Career: 2013 – including a Commission of Inquiry, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, four overseas trips, and the Court of Appeal.
Year in Career: 2012
– pictures and words from a “standard” year of travels as an international reporter.
15 easy steps to building your stadium-captioning confidence – it’s the most fun you can have with a steno machine!
Ten questions with Yi Jiang, in-house stenographer for Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.
Reporting in India – verbatim in New Delhi.
Reporting in Mongolia – verbatim in Ulaanbaatar.
LightSpeed – first thoughts on my new LightSpeed.
Stenolube (and all the rest of it)
– about the gear I have to transport to work every day.
Cheno – a report on the time I observed Mandarin stenography.
Stenowhat? – an attempt to explain what steno actually is and how it works.
Fleeting celebrity – being interviewed in the South China Morning Post.
Depoman takes Hong Kong – the time infamous steno personality Depoman came for a visit.
On the job – some career highlights I want my kids to know about.
Sports captioning, live from my old loungeroom – self-evidently, about captioning from home!
Student machine – thoughts on, er, steno machines, student and otherwise.
Mirabai: doing something real – the future of steno?
Shangers – Part I of my trip to Shanghai to transcribe Bill Clinton.
Smacky Glam – Part II of above trip.
Ironically overlong exposition on shortforms – how I, as a self-taught Phoenix Theory writer, am struggling to incorporate more shortforms into my writing.
Move to Hong Kong, meet Donatella Versace – stadium-captioning Asia’s version of the Oscars.

Some of my other steno-related posts are privacy-protected.  Please email if you’d like the password.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Margaret Taylor says:

    I just read a post on Facebook re your site. I would love to join. I feel like a professional student! Thanks.

    1. jadeluxe says:

      Hi Margaret! Can you friend me on FB? That way I’ll be able to add you to my steno group. Cheers 🙂

  2. Lesley says:

    Helloooo there Jade
    I am a glutton for learning. Used to be a pretty good Pitmans shorthand writer and am now working on my book. PLEASE add me?

  3. Kimberly MCLain says:

    Please add me to Facebook group Stenoquery! I am a reporter in Oregon and hoping some day to work in faraway places too!
    Thanks a bunch.

  4. Alicia Ritmaha says:

    Please add me to your FB group. I am an at-home student with dreams of working in Central America.

  5. Katherine McNally says:

    I would like to specifically join Stenoquery on Facebook. I have been teaching steno for 20 years (the last 3 years have been online) and have been writing steno for about 25 years. I found your blog on 2016 and find it very encouraging and will be sharing it with my students next week.

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